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Hypertensive Kidney Disease
  • The disadvantage of peritoneal dialysis

    Update Time:2017-04-08 16:15:32 Click Rate:96

    First, the possibility of infection: peritoneal cavity is easy to be infected due to the joint of specific pipe of peritoneal dialysis and dialysis bag in changing the liquid. Therefore, we should clean our hands thoroughly before we do any ...[readmore]

  • The diet for patients with high blood pressure

    Update Time:2017-04-08 15:49:25 Click Rate:82

    It also does not mean the place for exercise to lose weight and keep healthy no longer exists. Hypertension and diet are very good considerations so is the strong link between exercise and blood pressure....[readmore]

  • How to prevent hypertensive nephropathy?

    Update Time:2017-02-03 14:00:01 Click Rate:62

    Hypertensive nephropathy is a serious disease which is harmful to the health and affect the quality of life, and has many symptoms, such as dizziness, headache, neck pull, vertigo, tinnitus, forgetfulness, insomnia, depression, fatigue, limb...[readmore]

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