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Hypertensive nephropathy can eat eggs

  Hypertensive nephropathy can eat egg, can be appropriate to eat, not eating a lot, must eat egg yolk, this is because the egg yolk is rich in cholesterol, many patients with hypertensive nephropathy accompanied by high blood lipids, usually should be to limit the intake of fat, my uncle is patients with hypertensive nephropathy, every day is to eat some egg white, the diet should be Shaoshiduocan, rarely eat very full, there is no other abnormalities during the symptoms, patients need regular inspection.

  1 patients with hypertensive nephropathy usually should light diet to control blood pressure actively, to a strict diet, usually should be to limit the intake of salt, fat and sugar intake limit, usually to avoid alcohol, especially liquor, but also to avoid smoking.

  In 2 patients with hypertensive nephropathy early may not need treatment, but the need to maintain a good mood, obese patients to control weight, usually should actively participate in physical exercise, you can go out for a walk, qigong or Taijiquan etc..

  3 patients with hypertensive nephropathy usually can be combined with diet therapy, can eat Hawthorn porridge, hawthorn porridge can be between two meals to eat, usually should have lower blood pressure and blood lipid lowering effect of food, such as celery, cabbage, radish, and garlic, jellyfish, water chestnuts, bananas, etc..

  The diet of patients with hypertensive nephropathy should be to eat some sweets, usually to avoid contact with heavy metals, avoid drug exposure to renal damage, usually should be low fat low salt diet, work and rest.


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