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The disadvantage of peritoneal dialysis

  First, the possibility of infection: peritoneal cavity is easy to be infected due to the joint of specific pipe of peritoneal dialysis and dialysis bag in changing the liquid. Therefore, we should clean our hands thoroughly before we do any relevant treatment of peritoneal dialysis. Nowadays, the morbidity of peritonitis has been lowered to a certain degree.

  Second, the increase of weight and triglyceride in blood: we know the dialyzate is composed of glucose to eliminate the redundant moisture. Therefore, part of the glucose will be absorbed in dialysis, which will cause the increase of weight, triglyceride in blood and other lipid. Patients should take proper exercise to decrease them.

  Third, the drain of protein: patients may loss some protein and vitamin in dialysis, so thy need to supplement from food. Therefore, patients need intake more fish, meat, milk and etc except the normal diet. In other hand, the optimum option of vitamin are fruits and vegetables.


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