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The Daily Care and Health Care of Hypertension Nephropathy

  The Daily Care and Health Care of Hypertension Nephropathy

  The hypertension nephropathy results from high blood pressure. Rational nursing can ease patients’ state of illness. So the daily care and health care is quite important. Only with good control of the illness can the patients’ loss the health be decreased.

  1 The patients must give up drinking liquor and strong tea. Also they must stop smoking.

  2 The patients should ingest appropriate amount of sugar to offer calorie. In order to avoid hyperlipidemia and arteriosclerosis, the intake of sugar should be limited.

  3 The intake of salt should be limited too. General renal hypertensive patients should ingest no more than 5 g salt per day. But as for those patients who has severe edema, cardiac insufficiency and severe hypertension,the intake of salt should be limited to no more than 3 g per day.

  4 The patients should reduce their workload and labor intensity so that they can strike a balance between work and test. Then the daily care and health care will be more effective consequently.

  5 Except physiological aspect, patients’ psychological state also has impact on their state of illness. So once suffering from hypertension, patients should treat it properly. Overstrain and much scruple would increase patients’ blood pressure. So the patients should be optimistic and keep themselves in best mental state.

  6 The patients should keep adequate sleep and sleep early. They should avoid overworked. Forming a regular life is an important part of daily care and health care for hypertension nephropathy.

  7 Patients with mild state of illness can do some relaxed physical exercise, such as stroll, gym, shadowboxing and so on. Because those exercise can bring psychological relief and relaxation to the patients which are beneficial for them. But as to the patients who are in serious condition or suffering renal insufficiency or severely high blood pressure, the amount and intensity of exercise should be limited strictly.

  8 The intake of animal fat should be limited because it would bring about vascular sclerosis and damage the kidney protection . The patients should ingest vegetable oil, such as soybean oil, peanut oil, sesame oil and so on. Because the vegetable oil is rich in unsaturated fatty acid which can lower cholesterol level.

  The patients with hypertension nephropathy should insist on taking antihypertensive drugs. Then the blood pressure index can be under fundamentally control. Only the dialysis therapy would not achieve desired effect. So only through strict control of blood pressure can the patients protect their kidneys against renal failure and uremia.


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