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  • What are the bad habits that cause kidney disease?

    Update Time:2016-12-18 14:36:00 Click Rate:158

    First, smoking alcohol. Smoking, alcoholism so that the blood was hypercoagulable state, increased platelet aggregation, blood flow disorders, increased hypertensive nephropathy. Smoking causes kidney damage more severe. Alcohol will reduce...[readmore]

  • Nine kinds of living habits of the most hurt you know?

    Update Time:2016-12-18 14:35:18 Click Rate:136

    In fact, in your life, there are many may have been accustomed to the details of the threat to your kidneys, if you never thought about this problem, then from now on, you should begin to realize its seriousness, we recommend you Re-examine...[readmore]

  • Good habits can prevent nephrotic syndrome

    Update Time:2016-12-18 14:35:03 Click Rate:52

    Nephrotic syndrome Although the patient has been in treatment, the use of a variety of means, such as drugs, hormones, etc., but still can not avoid its recurrence. Experts advise you: in normal life to cultivate a good life sucked dry, the...[readmore]

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