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What are the bad habits that cause kidney disease?

  First, smoking alcohol.

  Smoking, alcoholism so that the blood was hypercoagulable state, increased platelet aggregation, blood flow disorders, increased hypertensive nephropathy. Smoking causes kidney damage more severe. Alcohol will reduce uric acid excretion, increased uric acid crystals, and easy to induce gout nephropathy.

  Two or three meals irregular.

  Long-term hunger, the body will break down their own glycogen and protein, resulting in a large number of endogenous protein metabolites, which increased the burden on the kidneys. Overeating, high-fat diet can cause elevated blood lipids, induced or aggravated kidney disease.

  Third, the irrational diet.

  Food salty, too spicy will lead to increased body sodium, and consumption of high potassium, high protein foods, will increase the burden on the kidneys, the long run, causing kidney disease.

  Fourth, holding back urine.

  Urine exists in the bladder for a long time will breed bacteria, causing urinary tract infection, induced nephritis. Drinking too little, so that the body can not be wasted in time by renal excretion, but also increase the damage to the kidneys.

  Fifth, lack of rest.

  Over-exertion and rest is not sufficient, people's resistance to decline, overwork into illness, induced infection. Among them, the cold is easily induced nephritis and other diseases, one of the important factors.

  Sixth, the spirit of depression.

  The fierce competition in today's society, to bring great pressure. Mental depression, depression, coupled with the irregular life, reduced immunity, and thus provide an opportunity for the invasion of bacteria.


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