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Nine kinds of living habits of the most hurt you know?

  In fact, in your life, there are many may have been accustomed to the details of the threat to your kidneys, if you never thought about this problem, then from now on, you should begin to realize its seriousness, we recommend you Re-examine every detail of life, one by one to exclude these risk factors.

  1. Do not drink water

  Most men do not have much interest in drinking water, do not even think it is important, but in fact it is very easy to cause significant physical harm. Our metabolic wastes are mainly handled by the liver and kidneys, only 1% of the body weight of the kidneys have to accept the body 1/4 of the cardiac output, 1-2 liters per minute of blood through the kidneys, the kidneys to accept Of the waste is far more than other organs organs. Kidney is the most important thing is to mediate the balance of water and electrolyte in the body, metabolic waste generated by physiological activities, side by side in the urine, but in the conduct of these functions, the need for adequate water to assist.

  Solution: drink plenty of water to develop the habit of drinking water can dilute the urine, so that rapid discharge of urine, not only to prevent stones, eating too much salt is also conducive to the urine fades, thereby protecting the kidneys.

  2. Over-serving painkillers

  Studies have shown that long-term use of mixed painkillers, the body's blood flow velocity will be forced to reduce, it will seriously affect the function of the kidneys. In addition, it is worth noting that the pain caused by renal failure patients are also more prone to bladder cancer.

  Solution: Do not take long-term painkillers

  No matter what kind of pain medication, are only suitable for accidental use, must not be long-term use, if long-term need to rely on painkillers, you must do a thorough medical examination.

  3. Eat too much salt

  Salt, is to increase the burden of kidney an important culprit. Our diet is 95% of the salt metabolism by the kidney, too much intake, the burden on the kidney was forced to increase, coupled with the sodium salt will lead to human body water is not easy to discharge, and further increase the burden on the kidneys, Leading to a decline in renal function.

  Solution: control the salt intake

  Scientific daily intake of salt should be controlled within 6 grams, of which 3 grams can be obtained directly from the daily food, so the food seasoning should be maintained at 3-5 grams or less. It is worth noting that the instant noodles in the salt is very much, often eat the best reduction in consumption.

  4. Pressure is too high cause blood pressure

  High blood pressure, has become a major threat to the health of modern people, a large part because of the pressure caused by excessive living and working, thus indirectly affecting the normal operation of the kidneys. Pressure is a common symptom of insomnia, male blood pressure on average higher than the women 5-10 mm Hg, and insomnia, the average will cause blood pressure increased 2-5 mm Hg.

  Solution: focus on their own blood pressure

  Young people are generally difficult to find their own high blood pressure, so no matter how old, it is best to carry out a blood pressure measurement from time to time, and to prevent the pressure to stay up all night and Ambassador ambulatory blood pressure.

  5. Edible food of unknown origin

  Because the consumption of snake bile or grass carp bile and other strange foods caused by acute renal failure is not uncommon, many people are curious because of the moment, and even blindly taking traditional Chinese medicine to impotence. In fact, many Chinese medicine contains aristolochic acid and other nephrotoxic ingredients, not only will bring great harm to the kidneys, and some even cause systemic danger.

  Solution: do not risk eating

  Fish gallbladder or snake bile Although often claimed to have aphrodisiac, detoxification or treatment of acne can be the effect, but even the fish with traditional Chinese medicine gallbladder or gallbladder, must be very concocted to clear its toxicity, do not blindly take.

  6. love to drink beer

  If the disease has been suffering from the kidney, but also a large number of unlimited drinking beer, uric acid deposition will lead to renal tubular obstruction, resulting in kidney failure.

  Solution: an annual urine

  If a blood test, found that kidney problems, I am afraid that renal function has been damaged at this time is not light, and its other blood tests to understand the kidneys, not as usual on a regular urine, urine is the easiest to understand the kidney method.

  7. Improper use of fruits and vegetables

  Eat more fruits and vegetables healthy, this is the idea of ​​the average person, but for people with chronic renal dysfunction, fruits and vegetables these are generally considered to help natural blood pressure in foods containing high potassium content, long-term consumption but will cause them Renal function damage. In fact, people with poor kidney function, potassium will also increase the composition of the kidney work, great harm to the kidney.

  Solution: Scientific edible fruits and vegetables

  If suffering from chronic renal dysfunction, it should focus on proper consumption of fruits and vegetables, to avoid affecting the kidneys. Do not drink too thick vegetable juice, hot pot soup, vegetable soup, diet with light is appropriate.

  8. Drink instead of boiling water

  Most men do not love plain boiled water, in contrast, soda, cola and other carbonated drinks or coffee and other beverages naturally become the best alternative to boiled water. However, these beverages contain caffeine, often lead to increased blood pressure, and high blood pressure, kidney injury is one of the important factors.

  Solution: drink less, drink plenty of water

  Try to avoid drinking too much to drink, instead of drinking water to keep drinking 8 cups of white water to promote the body toxins discharged in time.

  9. Eat too much meat

  American Food Association has suggested that human protein intake per kilogram of body weight per day is 0.8 grams, which means a weight of 50 kg of people, only 40 grams of protein intake per day, so one day can not eat 300 grams of meat, To avoid causing too much damage to the kidneys.

  Solution: eat the right amount of protein

  If the urine protein found in urine, but also eat too much meat, long-term so that renal function will be compromised. Meat and soy products per meal intake should be controlled in the palm of your hand about 0.5 cm in thickness, if there is chronic nephritis, this amount should be reduced.


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