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Good habits can prevent nephrotic syndrome

  Nephrotic syndrome Although the patient has been in treatment, the use of a variety of means, such as drugs, hormones, etc., but still can not avoid its recurrence. Experts advise you: in normal life to cultivate a good life sucked dry, the rehabilitation of the disease and the patient's health have some help. Kidney doctor recommended, if you do not know how to care, please carefully read the following content.

  Nephrotic syndrome patients from the following five aspects:

  First, the summer, patients should develop a habit of lunch break

  For patients with nephrotic syndrome, especially in the summer, we must comply with the weather changes in the law, cultivated into a good living habits. Experts suggest that every day around 1 o'clock the best arrangements for about half an hour of lunch time, so you can ensure that physical strength to facilitate recovery. The sun at noon for some harmful rays such as r-ray, easy to infringing on the human body to form skin inflammation, nephrotic syndrome patients own immune dysfunction, it should be caution daylight, save the skin inflammation of serious illness.

  Second, for patients should be in the diet

  For patients with nephrotic syndrome should be strictly enforced diet in the diet as far as possible not to eat can increase the burden on the kidney of food, it is easy to produce uremia. Such as watermelon, although diuretic swelling, heat refreshing, but more food is more frequent urinary frequency of kidney burden, the other watermelon sugar in the human body is also a cumulative potential disease crisis.

  Third, the patient should be positive attention to the body

  Such as walking, playing tai chi, practicing qigong. But should pay attention to exercise time to the morning and evening is appropriate, must not be strong at noon or when the sun exercise. Although swimming is a good summer sports, but because swimming requires a lot of physical strength, and swimming can not be guaranteed sanitation, recommended nephrotic syndrome patients should not swim.

  Fourth, patients should pay attention to their living environment

  Patients should pay attention to choose their own living environment, for patients living environment, should be ventilated, bright and spacious. As for the air conditioning should not be too low to lower than the outdoor temperature of 5 ° c ~ 6 ° c is appropriate, or prone to sudden changes in hot and cold colds. Bedding to be clean, dry, bedroom to soft light, ventilation and ventilation. Because after falling asleep basal metabolism weakened, people's self-defense function is poor, easy to catch a cold, so patients with nephrotic syndrome should be careful to keep warm when sleeping, pay attention to cover the abdomen, Wei Yang Wei to prevent colds.

  5, patients should pay attention to their emotions

  Nephrotic syndrome long course of disease, the patient must have the confidence to overcome the disease, cleverly conditioning emotions, such as flowers and birds from the entertainment, calligraphy, reading, chess, etc. can be pleasant mood, contributing to health.


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