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How to control blood potassium level?

  Some people have high blood potassium, but they don’t know what’s wrong with this condition?

  High serum potassium reason one: overintake is mainly reason of overintake. Unsuitable diet, take much food rich in potassium. High serum potassium caused by kidney failure, bad metabolic capability, potassium is difficult to discharge out of body. Measure: potassium intake in 45mmol/d.

  1, controlling high potassium food intake: banana; orange;potato;etc

  2, you can take food with low intake of potassium:pumpkin, white gourd, eggplant,cabbage.

  3, you can eliminate potassium through cooking;

  High serum potassium reason two: potassium discharging decreases mostly shown in kinds of kidney insufficiency and accompany with oliguria, anuria. Such as acute and chronic kidney failure is the most common reason of high serum creatinine. While metabolic acidosis expel potassium in cells to potassium out of cells, causing to potassium concentration increasing.

  High serum potassium reason three: medicine factor,

  High serum potassium reason four: infection, choose reasonable antibiotics, control infection in time.

  High serum potassium reason five: ion disorder and blood transfusion

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