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What Should You Need to Consider When You Choose Kidney

  What Should You Need to Consider When You Choose Kidney

  Many patients want to take kidney transplant when their kidney disease develop to uremia period, the last period of kidney disease. Is it the best choice for uremia patients? We all know that kidney transplant is very expensive, but except the price, does it have any other disadvantages? The followings are some suggestions for you before you take the kidney transplant.

  1. To receive kidney donate, you need to wait for a long time and no one knows which day is the end of this period;

  2.we need to know that not all of patients are suitable for kidney transplant. If patients have some acute diseases, such as acute infection, cancer, lung disease and etc, they will not afford the kidney transplant.

  3. After surgery, you need to stay at hospital for many days to keep rest. Sometimes, your new kidneys also need to take time to produce urine, so you still need to dialysis until it can work as a normal kidney in your body.

  4. To suppress your immune system, you need to take appropriate medicine, which is to help reduce the rejection reaction. Because those medicine are against your immune system, which will increase your risks of serious infection due to the weaken immune system such as skin cancer and lymphoma. In other hands, you also have a greater risk for diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, cataracts, and inflammation of the liver (cirrhosis) if you are taking these medicines. And the point is that you have to take those medicines for your rest of life.

  Therefore, you have to consider all these above when you want to take the kidney transplant.

  In our hospital, doctors have devoted themselves to studying Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)Therapy for many years. If you are interested in the TCM Therapy or asking for a help, please feel free to ask us, we are very pleasure to help you.

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