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The Treatment of Kidney Disease

  The Treatment of Kidney Disease

  1. what is kidney disease?

  Kidney disease is an umbrella name of various lesions occurred in kidney. It refers to a series of physical discomfort caused by local inflammation or damage and loss of function in kidney due to the accumulation of a large number of toxin in human body.

  2. Aetiological agents of kidney disease

  There are two aetiological agents of kidney disease: inherent shortage and acquired defect. The inherent shortage refers to congenital weakness or deficiency of kidney. Acquired defect refers to the damage of harmful material from unhealthy lifestyle or hostile environment.

  How do the acquired elements cause kidney disease? Firstly, kidney disease will be triggered by bad living habits which mainly refers to the excessive intake of rich nutrients, such as fat, carbohydrate and protein. Secondly, a great quantity of heavy metal ions will enter human body due of the hostile environment, which is also a key reason of deficient kidney function. The excessive intake of rich nutrients and the great quantity of heavy metal ions will destroy the structure and function of oxidase, which is a crucial factor in keeping the immune balance of human body. The damage of the structure and function of oxidase will trigger the oxidative stress reflect which will lower antioxidant ability of human body.

  The decline of antioxidant ability is equal to the reduction of toxic and harmful substance scavenging ability in human body. The result of the it is the gradually accumulation of a large number of oxygen radical, immune complex, heavy metal ions as well as variety of blood fat, blood glucose, blood uric acid, serum creatinine, blood urea…All these redundant oxic and harmful substance are called human body toxin.

  The gradually accumulation of human body toxin will destroy the function of oxidase, then damage the ability of immune balance in human body, which is a new round of damage. The result of the damage of human immune balance as well as inherent shortage in kidney is local inflammation or damage and loss of function in kidney.

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