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How to eliminate edema

  There are many types of edema, such as facial swelling, eyelid edema, limb swelling, and swelling of other parts. The most serious is the whole body edema, but the swelling will be caused by different reasons.

  Long term serious lack of sleep, excessive fatigue will cause eyelid swelling. For this swelling, we should change the condition lack of sleep before and ensure that the sleep time is about 8 hours per day.

  For these persons whose diet tastes heavier and liking to eat salty food or seafood friends, or drinking more water before sleeping, there will be facial swelling. For them, choosing some light food for a period of time can eliminate edema, and try not to drink too much water before going to sleep.

  You can eat some foods high in calcium to help the body release excess moisture to preventing edema. Such as apple, all kinds of bean products, milk. And also can eat some food with diuretic effect, such as raisins, chicken, garlic, chili or hot and sour taste food.

  Once having edema, you should choose light food, and can not eat too salty,which is conducive to help control the absorption of more water. In addition, stop eating some food difficult to digest and easy to flatulence, such as rice, longan, onion, peanuts and a variety of carbonated drinks.

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