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  • What is the beneficial food for the kidney?

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    Sea cucumber: Bushen Yijing, Ziyin impotence. Rich in iodine, zinc and other trace elements. ...[readmore]

  • How to Choose Your Diet?

    Update Time:2017-03-02 14:39:46 Click Rate:123

     Staple food high in sugar, high calorie   Patients with kidney disease in the diet need intake of adequate calories and sugar from the staple food. 100g rice contain 116 kcal of calories, protein about 7.3g...[readmore]

  • How to replenish the lost protein ?

    Update Time:2017-03-02 14:36:49 Click Rate:64

    Patients with kidney disease should base protein on animal protein ,such as ,egg white ,milk ,fowl ,fish and others protein ,their nutrition is better than protein in plants ....[readmore]

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