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  • There will be no flavor in their

    Update Time:2017-03-28 14:52:55 Click Rate:95

     Nephritic patients all have the experience of “salt control, salt control, salt control!” from the suggestion of doctors. But we know it is very hard for us to feel comfortable if all food and soup we have are insipid when we are accu...[readmore]

  • Polycystic kidneydiet

    Update Time:2017-03-16 13:58:44 Click Rate:172

     1.Some foods that are suitable to eat more   --vegetables or fruits are rich in high vitamin and iron.Such as carrot,radish and so on....[readmore]

  • Beneficial to kidney disease fruit

    Update Time:2017-03-02 14:50:01 Click Rate:67

    If it is acute nephritis patients, patients are often recommended to eat apples; if diabetic nephritis patients can eat some hypoglycemic effects such as apples...[readmore]

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