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Kidney cyst diet which attention

  1.(Including pepper, alcohol, shrimp, crabs, etc.), contaminated do not eat (including rotten deterioration, and leftovers), spicy food to eat, Leftovers, etc.), barbecue do not eat, and renal failure or uremia should also pay attention to beans and their products do not eat, limit animal high protein foods, greasy foods.


  2. Water intake: a variety of kidney disease due to different causes, duration of different treatment measures are not the same. In mild renal failure, due to decreased renal function, the body metabolites need more water to be discharged from the kidneys, thus, kidney disease without obvious edema, heart failure, high blood pressure, should not blindly limit the water. Special reminder is that these patients with chronic renal failure, do not think that renal failure must be strictly limited to water, if excessive water resistance is easy to aggravate the deterioration of renal function.

  3. Salt intake: control of salt, according to the patient's condition and degree of renal function to adjust, not all patients with chronic kidney disease should be strictly limited to salt.

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