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These diets are benefit for Nephritis patients


  1, drink plenty of water

  2, eat food with high protein

  3, eat food with iron, selenium, zinc and other minerals

  4, supplement amount of vitamin A, C, E

  5, suitable fruits and vegetables:

  Coconut Juice exocarpium citrulli Monorchid erminium herb

  Delicious blood orange mandarin orange

  plum psidium guajave oval kumquat Jujube

  grapefruit Cherry carambola red bayberry snow pear apricot banana water melon

  Fig peach persimmon dried persimmon Mangosteen Hawthorn Mulberry juice Raisins

  Grape Apple lemon Papaya Kiwifruit

  mango Litchi chinensis Pear Pitaya

  Flos Sophorae Apple Black gallon Longan

  sugarcane orange strawberry Pineapple

  Water chestnut Passion fruit Broccoli pumpkin

  Towel gourd Shegua Pucai lotus sprout

  Lotus burdock clove green soybean

  Kalimeris herba portulacae Radish

  Turnip Sprouts asparagus Aloe

  Chrysanthemum balsam pear gourd

  Heidoumiao lotus leaf matrimony vine

  Celeriac Chayote wax gourd Big potato

  Arrowhead Brasenia schreberi soybean sprouts

  Mungbean sprout Broad bean Chinese cabbage

  Spinach Ternip The blood of Russula Tibicos

  Agar cap fungus Dried mushroom Coprinus comatus

  Hericium erinaceus black fungus

  seaweed green vegetable sweet corn

  Amethyst algae horseradish okra Liu ya

  Jerusalem artichoke

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