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Diet Principle for Patients after Dialysis

  1, low-fat, low-cholesterol diet: dialysis patients usually has hyperlipemia, so you should control fat and cholesterol intake for avoiding aggravating arteriosclerosis.

  2, menadione sodium bisulfite: you can supplement it by oral Chinese medicine such as vitamin B2, folic acid, ascorbic acid,etc.

  3, Potassium, Sodium, calcium, phosphorus: adjusting these elements intake according to the report result and urine volume. Low salt diet, controlled Sodium intake in 1500-2000mg, controlling its intake when urine volume is few, potassium intake should be controlled in less than 1300mg, phosphorus should be controlled in 4.5-5.0mg/min. If phosphorus is high, you also should control the intake of cereal and bean, which contained phosphorus. At the same time, pay attention to the supplement of calcium volume.

  4, water intake should be adjusted according to urine volume and dialysis times so as to maintain the balance of flowing out and in. it shouldn’t less than 1000ml/d.

  5, protein: regular hemodialysis patients should intake protein at least 50g ( 0.75 -1.0g ) 30 hours of hemodialysis weekly, protein supplement should be controlled in 1.0 or 1.2g

  in daily diet. So as to maintain the Nitrogen balance. Hemodialysis patients should intake 1.2-1.5g, high quality protein should occupied by 50%-70%, which can choose animal protein like milk,eggs and fish and so on.

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