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Nephritis diet should pay attention to what food can not eat

Nephritis patients due to kidney problems, so in the diet to pay more attention to the job, not just eat and drink, then, what should pay attention to what the nephritis diet? What foods can not eat?

Got nephritis diet need to pay attention to what the daily intake in the end how much sugar, fat, protein for the best? This depends on the condition to be, and to comply with the doctor's orders. Inadequate intake, will result in excessive decomposition of protein in the body, showing a negative balance of nitrogen, the patient malnutrition, physical decline; excessive intake, resulting in protein accumulation in the body, nutrient excess, showing positive balance of nitrogen.

Nephritis patients can eat the following foods:

1. edema obvious nephritis patients can eat radish, melon, red beans, watermelon, black beans, loofah and other diuretic effect of food.

2. Mild nephritis patients with reduced plasma protein may be appropriate to eat some high-protein foods such as fish, meat, eggs, milk, beans and soy products, at the same time, should also eat fresh vegetables and fruits.

3. Hypertensive patients with nephritis, edible celery, spinach, edible fungus, bean sprouts, green bean sprouts, fresh corn and other blood pressure-lowering effect of food.

4. And see hematuria in patients with nephritis, edible lotus root, cabbage root, peanuts, eggplant and other hemostatic effects of food.

Nephritis patients can not eat the following foods:

1. General glomerulonephritis patients will know that such as wine, tea, coffee and other can not touch, there are all kinds of spicy condiments such as onions, ginger, garlic, curry, mustard, pepper; various spices and volatile oil Vegetables, such as leek, fennel, celery Lai, small carrots and so on.

2. Nephritis patients regardless of the extent of disease, should eat or not eat salt food, so as to avoid Shuinazhuliu, increased edema. In addition, should also avoid eating spicy food, tobacco and alcohol should quit, especially alcohol should be taboo. Severe patients with drug therapy, should not eat high-protein foods, so as not to aggravate the condition.

3. nephritis patients with high serum creatinine can not eat high potassium content of food, such as mushrooms, amaranth, cauliflower, spinach, spinach, bamboo shoots, tomatoes, carrots, pumpkin, mustard, pomegranate, loquat, peach, , Salt, soy sauce, salt, salt and other high potassium content is also high, such as coffee, tea, chicken, cattle essence, ginseng essence, thick broth, salt salt. Cooking, the first food to boiling water over, remove the soup and then fried, can reduce the food intake of potassium.

Nephritis patients must have confidence, close cooperation with the treatment, to overcome the disease. Avoid strong physical work after cure to prevent the occurrence of respiratory and urinary tract infections. Activity should be gradually increased gradually to promote physical recovery.

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