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What is the right way to drink coffee in our daily life

  What is the right way to drink coffee in our daily life, given too much coffee will cause kidney stone?

  People who often work overtime are accustomed to drinking coffee to keep up their spirits as coffee has the function of refreshing. Coffee, as essencials of white collar, has been popular among common people. However, drinking too much coffee is an unhealthy lifestyle because certain ingredients in coffee will increase the calcium ions in our urine which will cause kidney stone.

  Is it true that too much coffee will cause kidney stone? In many people’s views, a cup of coffee one day will enhance sexual function. Is it true? To be honest, drinking too much coffee will not only not enhance the sexual function, but also result in kidney stone easily. Now let’s learn it together.

  According to a survey, the calcium ions in urine will increase markedly after people have drink overmuch beverage with caffeine, which will cause kidney stone easily. Caffeine has the function of eliminating the magnesium ions and citrate in human body which are important to prevent kidney stone.

  The increase of calcium ions and sodium ions will improve the morbidity of kidney stone, while the increase of magnesium ions and citrate will protect kidney. However, according to conversion equation, the increase of magnesium ions and citrate can’t lower the morbidity of kidney stone brought about by calcium ions. Therefore, people should limit the acceptable daily intake of caffeine.

  Certainly, there are many advantages of coffee, such as refreshing. However, what we should do is to drink coffee in a right way in our daily life.

  Firstly, avoiding black coffee. People should keep away from black coffee even if you like it very much. Adding a great deal of low fat milk in black coffee, if you can’t control yourselves. A great deal of low fat milk will dilute black coffee and then reduce the intake of caffeine.

  Secondly, drinking cacao instead of the coffee with more caffeine. A cup of cacao has merely 2mg to 5mg caffeine, which is lower than others, as well as bioflavonoid which is a crucial factor in improve antioxidant ability of the body. Therefore, if you want some coffee, please use hot cacao instead of it.

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