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There will be no flavor in their

  There will be no flavor in their diet when nephrotic patients are restricted the intake of salt. Four coups to solve it!

  Nephritic patients all have the experience of “salt control, salt control, salt control!” from the suggestion of doctors. But we know it is very hard for us to feel comfortable if all food and soup we have are insipid when we are accustomed to “heavy taste”.

  In reality, salt control means to limit the intake of salt in a suitable degree, not merely prohibit salt completely. With a suitable degree of the intake of salt, patients will have a good appetite, which is helpful to enhance physical strength. Therefore, we must control the intake of salt in a certain degree. Glomerular filtration function of kidney is lower than others for nephritic patients, so they need less salt than others. The superfluous salt will cause a series of problems for nephritic patients, such as hypertention, protein in urine, edema, fat, cardio- cerebral diseases and etc.

  Generally speaking, patients without edema should limit the intake of salt less 3g everyday; patients with heavy edema should limit the intake of salt less 2g per day. How to adjust to it when the intake of salt reduces in such a large extent suddenly? There are three methods for you to have a try.

  Firstly, improving the sensitivity of taste bud. When we can stick to more than two days with the food insipid or salt-free, we will be accustomed to it. Then we will feel uncomfortable with the high-salt food we are familiar in the past, and choose to avoid them voluntarily. The dietary of the crucial two days is as following:

  Breakfast: milk + boiled egg + bread or steamed bun.(avoiding pickles)

  Lunch: rice + stir-fried vegetables with green leaves.(adding a little sauce)

  Dinner: porridge + staple food + insipid dishes.(for example: Chinese watermelon, eggplant, lettuce…)

  Secondly, it is a good way to use sauce instead of salt. 5mg sauce is equal to 1g salt. Liquid sauce is benefit to control and to improve the flavor of the dishes. Also, adding the salt before the food is cooked over can make the flavor more delicious than adding it in an early time.

  Thirdly, using onion and garlic instead of salt to reinforce the flavor is also a good way. But we should keep them in a suitable extent.

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