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Creatinine high diet which pay attention

  Most people know that high serum creatinine in patients with different types of renal disease into the renal insufficiency stage of a very important laboratory indicators. Serum creatinine increased in patients with chronic renal insufficiency in addition to standard treatment of the kidney to the last stage of salvage therapy, the need for treatment, nursed back to health during the diet to do the appropriate attention. Dietary therapy is high creatinine renal failure in patients with renal function is conducive to repair, reduce the burden of remnants of renal function, so patients with renal failure on some of the details of the problem needs to be worthy of attention of patients and their families. So, patients with high creatinine should eat what is better? Specifically, high serum creatinine should pay attention to the following items of diet:

  First, the amount of salt limit: In general, the performance of renal insufficiency compensatory symptoms, azotemia patients despite high serum creatinine, and began to appear a variety of mild clinical symptoms, but due to moderate pathological damage, visual With or without hypertension and edema, control of salt intake, were given low-salt or salt-free diet. Second, the protein supply: because the period of patients with azotemia, renal insufficiency, in order to control the deterioration of renal function, protein intake should be controlled, the choice of high-quality high-quality protein-rich diet.

  Third, the intake of vitamins: renal failure patients with high creatinine should use rich in vitamin A, vitamin B2, vitamin C in food. If renal insufficiency only renal failure high creatinine, but no oliguria, no edema patients can not help but salt and water, to maintain low-salt diet. If there is severe edema, as well as high blood pressure and even heart failure should be strictly restricted salt.

  In addition to high creatinine in patients with high dietary need to pay attention to, the patients should also pay attention to tobacco and alcohol restrictions. Because alcohol and tobacco poisoning is mainly on the kidney, blood vessels, poisoning, smoking, drinking more kidney damage to the blood vessels, the earlier increased renal arteriosclerosis, but also promote the glomerular sclerosis, hope that the majority of patients friends Can control their own kidneys, so that creatinine down.


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