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Nephrotic syndrome what to eat?

  Diet on the treatment of kidney disease has a very important role, then, nephrotic syndrome in the daily diet which pay attention to what? What are food taboos? Here we may wish to take a look at it. The following is a good description of what to eat nephrotic syndrome:

  1, nephrotic syndrome can eat salt, alkali?

  Our normal adult daily intake of salt is about 5-6 grams, some areas of salt per person per day to 12 grams, eating too much sodium salt, easy to make water retention in the human body, induced edema, so the Renal edema patients should control the amount of saline, salt into each person is 2-3 grams of low-salt diet. Long-term non-salt diet is not science, easily lead to fatigue, dizziness and other symptoms.

  2, nephrotic syndrome, how much water should be?

  Normal urine output is generally one day 1000 ~ 2000ml, acute nephritis, acute renal failure oliguria and nephrotic syndrome, chronic renal failure with oliguria edema patients, to control the water intake. Because the drink does not go out row, water retention in the human body will increase edema, but also easy to increase the high blood pressure, then the amount of water into the urine plus 500 ml is appropriate. After the increase in urine output can be relaxed into the water. The normal urine output into the water is not limited. In addition, patients with urinary tract infections such as acute pyelonephritis, urethritis, cystitis, etc., in addition to timely treatment of medication, the more water, more urinary rehabilitation of the disease is very favorable.

  3, nephrotic syndrome can eat fish, shrimp, eggs, meat food?

  Fish and shrimp foods, and some patients with nephrotic syndrome consciously do not eat, that the kidney is not good, in fact, such foods as high-quality protein in allergic diseases such as Henoch-Schonlein purpura, purpura nephritis suspected heterosexual protein allergies or A history of fish and shrimp allergy should be used with caution, is generally not taboo. Nephrotic syndrome What to eat good? Fish, shrimp, eggs, meat foods rich in animal protein, is the human cells, tissues of the main structural materials, the human body is very important to eat protein-containing foods after liver decomposition, renal excretion, so when the decline in renal function, Reduce protein intake, both to meet the human metabolic nutritional needs, without increasing the burden on the principle of the kidney. Some patients with kidney disease is not serious and not eating protein, or disease need to limit protein sometimes do not care is not correct.

  4, nephrotic syndrome diet principle is what?

  One, such as high blood potassium, potassium will have to limit the high food. If leafy vegetables, fruit, fruit juice. Hyperkalemia can lead to cardiac arrest.

  Second, special patients are taking special diet. Treatment of nephrotic syndrome, good hospital experts said kidney patients should be emphasized that the diet of the disease are: acute and chronic nephritis, nephrotic syndrome; diabetic nephropathy; uric acid nephropathy; urinary stones; chronic renal failure; acute renal failure Wait.

  Third, the existence of Shuinazhuliu, there edema, should limit the intake of water and sodium, especially in heart failure, severe hypertension should be strictly limited, and even then take a salt-free diet. To be corrected heart failure, normal blood pressure and then restore the original diet.

  Fourth, to ensure adequate calories, especially the growth and development stages of children, adolescents. If in order to limit the protein, or sugar and affect calorie intake, will affect the growth and development of children, malnutrition and other changes occur. For patients with chronic renal failure, to ensure adequate heat is particularly critical. For obese diabetic patients with kidney disease, attention to control the calorie intake.

  5, asymptomatic proteinuria or hematuria, or all kinds of kidney disease recovery period, without deliberately limiting diet, just a modest reduction in protein, or salt intake can be. Treatment of nephrotic syndrome, good hospital experts pointed out that patients with renal insufficiency should limit the protein and reduce protein intake, such as poultry, seafood, soy products, is conducive to reducing the pressure of the kidney, thereby protecting the kidneys. However, the protein can not be reduced too little, or even malnutrition. Nutritionists often have to consider and recommend the proportion of food the patient should ingest.


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