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Polycystic kidneydiet

  Polycystic kidney diet

  1.Some foods that are suitable to eat more

  --vegetables or fruits are rich in high vitamin and iron.Such as carrot,radish and so on.

  --Some foods are beneficial to dissolve the renal stone,like black agaric,etc.

  --Alkaline diets are appropriate,which are effective to help the treatment,for example,cucumbers,green tea.

  2.food prohibition

  --Stop drinking and smoking

  Liquor,especially the white spirits, will irritate the kidneys and promote the growth of cysts.So to stop drinking and smoking is very useful to control patients condition.

  --Fermented foods

  Fermented foods will expedite the growth of cysts,such as fermented bean curd.

  --High vegetable protein

  The shortage of protein lead to severe consequence of kidneys, so the supplement of protein is important.But the foods that are rich in high vegetable protein are not suitable to patients.The too much intake of vegetable protein will increase the renal burden and reduce the renal excretory capacity.Offering enough high quality protein is good for patients to control the condition and relieve the symptoms.

  --offal products

  Most offal products are not suitable for patients with PKD,especially the livers.Livers can detoxify the toxins in body.When animals are killed,metabolic toxins are left in livers.Then when patients eat livers,the damage on kidneys will be increased and worsen the disease.

  Owing the different situations,the specific intake of foods should follow the doctors' guidance.If you have problems about your disease,you can contact onlive doctor to get the professional guidance freely.

  Except the healthy diet,patients should cooperate with the doctor treatment actively.Furthermore,the main treatment is to control the complications and slow down the disease process.

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