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How to Choose Your Diet?

  How to Choose Your Diet?

  Staple food high in sugar, high calorie

  Patients with kidney disease in the diet need intake of adequate calories and sugar from the staple food. 100g rice contain 116 kcal of calories, protein about 7.3g; 100g pasta contain the heat of 221 kcal, protein about 11g.

  Non-staple food High protein, high fat.

  Staple food can’t supply protein kidney patient needs, so the patient also need to intake high quality protein meat, egg, milk contain. 100g pork contain protein 15g, fish about 10-13g, chicken about 19g, an egg about protein 6g same as a cup of 200ml milk.

  Vegetables is in rich in vitamins, have enough water.

  Vegetable is in rich in vitamins, so diet need to include it. There are not much vegetables kidney patient are taboo, as long as the sodium and potassium content is not high can be eaten, such as melon, cucumber, radish, tomato, bamboo shoots and a variety of green leafy vegetables. After intaking the vegetables containing rich water, the patient should limit the intake of water in other forms.

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