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How to replenish the lost protein ?

  How to replenish the lost protein ?

  Patients with kidney disease should base protein on animal protein ,such as ,egg white ,milk ,fowl ,fish and others protein ,their nutrition is better than protein in plants .

  Several proteins are easy to be absorbed by patient .

  1.Meat ,Patients with renal failure should limit protein intake .But there are high biological value in meat ,and easy to be absorbed ,so it is necessary to ingest .Animal protein contains much essential amino acid ,high bioavailability ,just pay attention not to ingest too much .

  2.Eggs .Fat ,iron and calcium of eggs are easy to be absorbed and utilized .It contains abundant vitamin A ,vitamin B2,vitaminB1 and so on ,these are microelements that our body need and lack.Eggs play a part in preventing arteriosclerosis and cancer ,protein in eggs can repair damaged kidney ,and lecithin promote liver cell regenerating .

  3.Milk ,it contains high-quality protein :250 mg/8g ;Calcium 260 mg/250 g ;potassium 183 mg/250 g.

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