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Diet therapy for kidney disease

  Diet therapy for kidney disease

  1. white gourd



  white gourd has the function of activating kidney . In the summer, people sweat too much, the nutrients will be discharged, so the physical exertion is serious, which can make people tired easily. But if the water in body goes through the kidneys, and then discharged from the urine, the nutrients will be discharged, which is the reason of eating more white gourd.

  2. Lettuce



  It is rich in sugar, carotene and vitamin B, vitamin C, vitamin E and calcium, phosphorus, iron, potassium, iodine and other minerals. Eating more lettuce can improve blood vessel tension and promote diuretic. Potassium contained in lettuce, is conducive to the balance of water and electrolytes, and also conducive to urination, so nephritis patients can eat it.

  3. Yam



  Flat, sweet, and the top grade in vegetables, has good effect of tonifying the spleen and kidney.

  4. Green asparagus



  Cool, sweet, have the effect of making kidney efficient. According to the expert research, asparagus has good effect on the treatment of kidney stones. Therefore, modern scholars have pointed out that people suffering from urinary tract stones are advised to eat asparagus.

  5. Shepherd's purse

  Shepherd's purse contains more protein, carbohydrates and vitamins, can tonify the spleen and supply protein. Meanwhile, it has the function of hemostatic and diuresis.



  So it is suitable for the patients with chronic nephritis, hematuria or more proteinuria .

  6. Tremella

  It can nourish the kidney, lungs, stomach. According to the research, contained in the white fungus, tremella polysaccharide can improve renal function. So it is suitable for chronic nephritis or frail patients .



  7. Celery



  Cool, it can calm the liver dampness and eliminate body edema, because celery has the function of diuresis, which can make patients get rid of the swelling. Therefore, the edema patient are advised to eat it.


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