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Fruits selection for different kidney diseases

  Fruits selection for different kidney diseases

  There are many kind of kidney diseases, normally can divided two types: acute nephritis and chronic nephritis. For example,acute glomerulonephritis caused by cold infection, uremia is a typical of chronic nephritis, actually, uremia is kidney failure that occurred in the end stage of renal disease.

  Apples are best choice for acute nephritis patients.but for nephritic patients with diabetic, they can eat fruits with hypoglycemic effect, such as apple, pineapple and grapes.

  If patients have an ulcer or gastritis, lemon and other acidic fruits are not allowed to eat, but apple is no limited.

  If the patients with high swelling, apple can eat properly, but can not choose the fruit with high-fluid like watermelon, pears, pineapples and bananas.

  If the patients with anemia, can not eat oranges and persimmon. Because these fruits are easy to combine with the iron, can effect on other food to absorb iron.

  There are no limit for nephritis patients has dialysis experiences in the end stage.

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