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Diabetic Kidney Disease
  • Symptom That Indicates Kidney Failure in Diabetics

    Update Time:2017-01-23 14:24:39 Click Rate:95

     The bean shaped organs that are often ignored also known as kidney, help get rid of toxins, make blood cells and even helps you look healthy. ...[readmore]

  • How to drink safely with type 2 diabetes?

    Update Time:2017-01-23 14:22:49 Click Rate:153

    Studies have shown that moderate alcohol consumption may have favorable effects such as, raising good cholesterol (HDL) and lowering the risk of cardiovascular disease. ...[readmore]

  • Why have you suffered the diabetic kidney disease?

    Update Time:2017-01-23 14:20:48 Click Rate:104

     Diabetic kidney disease major cause of the original or secondary (E.g: genetic and environmental factors, the absolute and relative insulin deficiency, insulin resistance, hyperglycemia, metabolic abnormalities syndrome) ...[readmore]

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