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Diabetic Nephropathy ..

  Diabetic Nephropathy

  Nowadays, diabetic nephropathy is a common phenomenon. It is a chronic complications caused by serious diabetes. At the same time, diabetes also can lead to cardiovascular disease, Therefore, the complications of diabetes increased mortality.

  It is easy to ignore because do not have obvious symptoms in the early stage, however, most of the patients with diabetic nephropathy noticed the disease when occurred significant proteinuria and swelling, swelling caused by a large amount of proteinuria, but this phenomenon showed the end stage. Besides, high blood pressure also developed in this stage. The development of high blood pressure can worsen kidney disease and deterioration of renal function, therefore, hypertension controlling is very important. In addition, diabetic kidney disease is often associated with diabetic retinopathy.

  What is more, The treatment of diabetic nephropathy should be comprehensive treatment, emphasis on prevention and treatment. Improving the awareness and notion that when patients with diabetes, as well as improve the awareness of prevention of diabetic nephropathy. Finally, it is necessary to positively control blood sugar and blood pressure, regular check urine albumin excretion rate, and choose the regular treatment methods.


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