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Comprehensive treatment for diabetic nephropathy patients

  Comprehensive treatment for diabetic nephropathy patients

  Diabetes is usually associated with obesity, hyperlipidemia, hyperuricemia and other metabolic diseases. Hypertension, smoking, and the metabolic disease are dangerous factors for chronic kidney disease, in addition to diabetic nephropathy, diabetic patients always have obesity, high uric acid and other chronic kidney diseases. Therefore, diabetic nephropathy patients need comprehensive treatment, which includes: adjust the way of life, control blood glucose and blood pressure, adjust blood fat, not to abuse drugs, treat complications, receive dialysis treatment at the late stage.

  1.The diet should be noticed for diabetic nephropathy patients.

  1) control the total amount of heat, take a low-fat and low-purine diet.

  2) Salt restriction: the recommended daily amount is 6 grams.

  3) Limiting the intake of potassium and protein.



  4) Adequate vitamins and trace elements: B vitamins, vitamin C and zinc, calcium, iron.

  2.How to exercise for diabetic nephropathy patients?



  Patients with diabetic nephropathy should start with exercises of low intensity, low amount, and avoid choking action or high intensity exercise, such as Walking, playing Tai Chi, climbing stairs, dancing, riding a bicycle.

  3.Do not abuse drugs:



  Avoid long-term use of renal toxicity drugs: Remedies, painkillers, cosmetics, diet pills and so on.

  4.Set the goal of reducing blood sugar:



  Glycosylated hemoglobin: less than 7%, fasting blood glucose: 7.0mmol/L or so, blood sugar after the meal: 10mmol/L.

  5.Control blood pressure and blood lipid:



  The recommended blood pressure level should be less than 130/80mmHg. But for old persons, it can be less than 140/90mmHg.


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