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Chronic Kidney Disease
  • here symptoms indicate kidney impaired

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    When the renal function is impaired, a lot of waste can not drain out from the urine, the patients will be dizzy, fatigue and weak. Meanwhile, Nutrients such as protein leakage from the kidney, the patients will be no good performance....[readmore]

  • There are side effects of steroid therapy in renal disease

    Update Time:2017-02-05 14:07:36 Click Rate:161

    These side effects are more common in patients with severe and weaker constitution. The patient had poor resistance and hormone inhibits the body defense function, so it is conducive to the occurrence and spread of bacteria such as Mycobacte...[readmore]

  • How to develop a good life style for patients with chronic k

    Update Time:2017-02-05 14:02:27 Click Rate:168

     In the treatment of chronic kidney disease. Not only do we have to learn to accept "cure", but also learn to their own recuperate. Maintain a good lifestyle and let the disease effectively controlled. Experts tell us that developing a goo...[readmore]

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