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Can kidney disease syndrome be smoked?

    Nicotine contained in cigarettes into the human body, the liver will have an impact on the metabolic enzyme system, so that the process of drug metabolism to accelerate or slow down, resulting in the effective concentration of drugs in the blood decreased, can not play its due role.

  Nicotine can release antidiuretic hormone, so that patients with nephrotic syndrome can not be discharged in a timely manner, leading to drug accumulation poisoning. In addition, smoking will be too much loss of synthetic vitamin C, vitamin B6 and vitamin B12 required minerals and a variety of essential nutrients, the adverse effects on the drug treatment process.

  A large number of medical studies have shown that smoking during the medication will affect the metabolism of nephrotic syndrome drugs, affecting the effect of drugs, and even adversely affected by the disease. So in time can not control the smoking of patients during the medication must be quit smoking.

  Nor is all the drugs will be significantly affected by the impact of smoking. Medical studies have shown that drugs that are significantly affected by smoking include antipyretic analgesics, narcotic drugs, antihypertensive drugs, anti-angina drugs, antiplatelet agents, lipid lowering agents, hypoglycemic agents, diuretics in patients with nephrotic syndrome, Acid, gastric mucosal protective drugs, contraceptives, etc., common of theophylline, caffeine, propranolol, antipyrine, imipramine, phenacetin, analgesic new, propoxyphene, furosemide and so on.

  So remind patients with nephrotic syndrome during the medication must be careful. Especially for those with diabetic nephropathy, smoking on the incidence and treatment of a great impact. In the oral medication within 30 minutes of patients do not smoke, once the control of this time will make the blood concentration will be reduced to non-smoking when the 1/20, resulting in efficacy can not play properly.


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