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Chronic kidney disease patients with stage 4 diet

  1, the diet should be light to the principle of eating less greasy, spicy food; cooking methods to steam, cook, stew and so on, less use of fried and so on.

  2, high potassium intake of food intake should be based on the results of serum electrolytes, but because of renal failure patients with poor blood potassium excretion, so high potassium food as little as possible to eat, such as bananas, oranges, fungus, seaweed, Wait.

  3, when the serum phosphorus content is high, should be appropriate to limit the intake of phosphorus-rich foods such as egg yolk, internal organs, beans, mushrooms, tea, edible fungus, oats and so on.

  4, edema, hypertension and oliguria patients to limit the salt, should be less than 3 grams per day. And eat or not eat pickles, fermented bean curd, preserved eggs, soy sauce, monosodium glutamate and other foods containing high sodium, because the main ingredient of salt is sodium chloride, these foods contain more sodium.

  5, edema, patients should also strictly control the intake of water, the total daily intake of water and specialist or nutritionist can be agreed, less food porridge, milk, soup, fruit and other water content of food.

  6, the use of high quality, low protein diet principle. High-quality protein food refers to lean meat, chicken, fish, eggs, milk, etc., the best intake of these foods accounted for more than 60% of the total daily protein intake; low protein refers to the total protein intake remained 0.6g protein / kg body weight / day, of course, the specific amount can be calculated by a physician or dietitian.

  7, without diabetes, should be based on the control of the protein, to ensure adequate supply of heat, wheat cereal food can be used as a substitute for rice as a daily staple food, because the wheat starch protein content is much less than rice, so both to ensure that Energy supply, without increasing protein intake. The finished products of these foods include: horseshoe cakes, silver needles, fans, lotus root starch, etc., or buy their own wheat noodles made of noodles, dumplings, steamed bread and so on. If combined with diabetes, sugar, honey, sugar, sugar drinks, etc. should also pay attention to food.

  8, the appropriate food to add vitamins, but should fasting carambola, Shenxi some hot and humid fruits such as mango, pineapple, lychee, longan, etc., not more than 200g per day, should not eat immediately after meals should be 2 hours after a meal consumption.

  9, do not drink old fire soup, including gravy, chicken soup, bone soup, fish soup and so on.

  10, combined with hyperuricemia need to control the intake of purine, can not eat animal offal, soup, seafood, beer and other high purine food. Cooking meat should be boiled with boiling water to eat.

  Above is the chronic kidney disease 4 diet some of the introduction, if you or your family suffering from chronic kidney disease, please contact us soon.


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