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Patients with chronic kidney disease are taboo

  1. Eat fresh vegetables and fruits, proper drinking water.

  2. Do not eat supplements, tonic and easy to get angry food, such as pepper, lychee and so on.

  3. eat light digestible food, eat seafood, beef, lamb and spicy spicy food.

  4. severe edema of patients to limit salt, less drinking water.

  5. Do not eat hair, hair that is rich in nutrition or irritation is particularly easy to induce or aggravate certain diseases of food, such as aniseed, parsley, leeks and so on.

  6. Patients with elevated serum uric acid levels do not eat animal offal, fish, shrimp, beer, fungi, beans and so on.

  7. uremia with hyperhidrosis patients with high potassium content of food, such as bananas, potatoes, tomatoes, pumpkin and so on.


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