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Membranous nephropathy, how to reduce high uric acid?

  For this question, first of all, we should clear the relationship between Membranous nephropathy and Uric acid increased. It is very critical to know that if elevated uric acid is caused by the development of membranous nephropathy to a certain extent, or this person has both elevated uric acid and membranous nephropathy. It is due to that the treatment for these two disease are absolutely different, so that we want some further information about if you family has high uric acid patients, gout patients, and if you have the history of gout in the past time. Meanwhile, we also have to know about the status of your kidney injury, the site of the injury, the extent of the injury, if you have appeared gout condition before, know about your eating habits, living environment, all these are very necessary.We hope that you can provide further detailed information to help us make a accurate judgment of your disease, accurate use of drug treatment, improve the treatment effect, reduce the adverse reaction to treatment, to obtain a satisfactory effect.

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