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Kidney disease treated with traditional Chinese Medicine

  Iga nephropathy is a serious health threat to the patient's health disease, once the patient was suffering from the disease, patients should pay attention to timely treatment methods for the corresponding treatment, so as to ensure the safety of patients, avoid problems, so the treatment of IgA nephropathy effect how? So I'll introduce you to this problem.

  1, Qi and spleen deficiency of spleen qi deficiency, Qi is not immune to the blood, it is advisable to invigorate the spleen and Qi, Fang Fang Yi Qi Tang (Atractylodes, angelica, licorice, dried tangerine peel).

  2, the general situation of the golden grass nephropathy soup, IGA nephropathy patients to receive a course of treatment, the symptoms will be reduced and even disappear. Through a large number of clinical practice, it shows that the treatment of renal damage caused by IGA nephropathy is effective and the side effect is small, and it is well received by IGA.

  3 clearing and nourishing the kidney yin deficiency, blood is forced to move frenetically, symptoms of soreness of waist, hand foot heart hot, dry throat, thirst hi cool drink, constipation, red urine, red tongue, less moss, pulse count, appropriate treatment of nourishing kidney and clearing.

  4, where the heat and cooling blood heat, light weight for fever chills, sore throat, or cough, or nasal thirst, hematuria, red tongue, thin pulse, floating numbe. "Tonic clearing free" immune balance method in treatment of Iga nephropathy in the treatment of Iga nephropathy in the process, often due to cold, fatigue, mood swings, improper diet caused by kidney disease recurrence, which is inevitable.

  Some patients do not understand this point, once the condition occurs repeatedly, protein or red blood cells in urine increase, then stop the treatment, so that the work not completed. There are some patients after a period of medicine, the examination is normal, they stopped the drug. Not long after the results of urine protein, red blood cells and so on, so many times, or even a few years, so that some of the disease can be well controlled, missed the best treatment opportunity.

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