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Why is kidney disease so long?

  Why is kidney disease so long?

  The root cause of kidney disease is that the accumulation of toxins in the body can not be removed.

  From the perspective of the pathogenesis, a large number of toxins accumulation, will lead to three changes in the human body: First, oxidative stress response; Second, excessive immune immune response; Third, organ damage, including renal dysfunction.

  ① blood toxins can cause oxidative stress. With the accumulation of a large number of harmful toxins in the human body, will inevitably make the body's blood pollution. After the pollution of the blood, it will damage all kinds of cell membrane, and thus the toxins into the cells, into the cell of toxins can damage the nucleus and cells within a variety of organelles, induced various types of oxidative stress response. With the increase in intracellular oxidative stress response, it will lead to cell synthesis and protein secretion capacity to reduce, resulting in a large number of unqualified or abnormal protein. This oxidative stress caused by human abnormalities, that is, Chinese medicine often say "Qi" or lack of gas.

  ② oxidative stress can lead to immune response. With the body of various types of cells due to abnormal oxidative stress response, the body will be abnormal cells secreted out of abnormal protein into the human blood, these abnormal protein as an antigen, it will stimulate the body's immune system to produce antibodies corresponding to the antigen , But also activate the body to generate the corresponding complement, triggering more of the body of blood toxins. This immune hyperactivity caused by abnormal blood is often said that blood poisoning.

  ③ immune hypersensitivity can lead to renal organ damage. With the body's blood, blood abnormalities, coupled with the inherent defects or weak renal organs, kidney cells or kidney tissue within a series of damage, resulting in renal organ inflammation or organ function loss. Clinical manifestations are Yaoxisuanruan, nocturia increased, urinary protein or urinary occult blood and other organ damage.

  Difficult to clear from the toxins that the cause of renal damage to the toxins is difficult to clear, because the body of a large number of toxins not only accumulated in the blood, but also against the cells, and invasive cells within the toxins is difficult to remove the general drug.

  In addition, a large number of difficult to remove the toxins and then congenital deficiency of kidney organs factors, toxins cleared even more difficult, and this is the root cause of kidney disease for a long time.


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