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Why do patients with chronic nephritis have the symptom of e

  Why do patients with chronic nephritis have the symptom of edema?

  Chronic nephritis is an under-recognized cause for the death of human beings. In the beginning, the symptoms of this disease is not obvious, but the damage is accumulated slowly. The edema of eyelids, lower extremities and face, a lot of foam in the urine of patients are symptoms of nephritis. In the early time, the color of patients’ urine is abnormal, urinate with pain, nocturia increased.

  As we all know, edema is caused by kidney disease, such as chronic nephritis, nephrotic syndrome and etc. The protein in urine increases, resulting in increased foam in urine. The invisible killer will damage patients’ kidney step by step. However, patients may have no symptoms with serious kidney disease because of the strong compensatory function of kidney.

  The following are four reasons for chronic nephritis:

  First, the most common cause of chronic nephritis is infection of bacteria or viral, especially the infection of upper respiratory tract (common cold), asymptomatic bacteriuria, influenza, sore throat, tracheal bronchitis and so on,which can make the disease worse.

  Second, according to clinical validation, excessive fatigue is one of the cause of chronic nephritis. It includes overexercise (such as heavy manual labor and strenuous exercise), stay up late, even excessive indulgence in sexual activity. All these above can make chronic nephritis worse.

  Third, some patients abuse nephrotoxic drugs, such as amino-type drugs, gentamicin, kanamycin and streptomycin. This is also a common cause of chronic nephritis.

  Fourth, stress status. What is stress status? It mainly refers to the symptoms caused by various reasons from external overloaded power going beyond the limit of the ability which body can withstand. These various reasons include sudden gastrointestinal bleeding, severe gastroenteritis, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, hypotension, anaphylactic shock and etc. For example, in order to resist the sudden arrival of the stimulus, the adrenal cortex adjusts the secretion of adrenal cortical hormone urgently. Various stress status all can make the chronic nephritis deteriorate.


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