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How to detect primary kidney disease ?

  How to detect primary kidney disease ?



  Kidney is responsible for the excretion of waste and toxins in body, and different from other organs, which is damaged without any signs. Most patients with chronic kidney disease may have no symptoms at early stage, or mild symptoms. Until symptoms appear, the renal function may have lost more than half. In the end, the patients maintain life only through hemodialysis, peritoneal dialysis, kidney transplant. So how to detect the primary kidney disease has become a hot topic for people, and

  here are a few methods for early detection of kidney disease:

  1. Fatigue; fatigue; edema of lower limbs, face and eyelid.

  2. The increase in the foam in the urine, abnormal urine color, pain or difficulty in urination, increased frequency of urination at night and so on.

  3. Unexplained loss of appetite, nausea, vomiting, low back pain. Renal dysfunction always cause metabolic disorders and other gastrointestinal symptoms. When it is not possible to explain with a digestive disease, it is time to think that it will be a problem on kidneys.

  4. High blood pressure (especially young people), when the blood pressure rises and there is no family history of hypertension, the young people should be alert to the kidney disease.

  5. Breathing with urine smell, skin itching, muscle tremor, numbness in the hands and feet, drowsiness, slow response, these are the effects of the harmful metabolites accumulate in body when the patients have renal dysfunction. These symptoms are not specific, but can be expressed in chronic kidney disease, if it occurs, the patients should go to the hospital early to improve the relevant inspection and testing, in order to clear diagnosis and receive timely treatment.


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