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Early signs of kidney disease

  Early signs of kidney disease



  Because the symptoms of early nephropathy is not obvious, you can have little discomfort, even if some discomfort, it is not easy for you to attract attention, so that it is often found in the middle and late, and even to uremia. So, what are the signs of the early kidney disease?

  1. The foam in the urine increases and does not disappear for a long time, which shows that the protein contained in urine is more.

  2. Frequent urine with less volume in night appears, but for the patients under 60 years old, they can not have any symptoms of frequent urine in night. if the mid-aged persons have frequent urine in night, they should pay more attention to it.

  3. Swelling. Especially in the morning, the patients can always have swelling on their eyes or faces. But in the afternoon or evening, their condition always decrease. The serious swelling always happens on their double ankle medial, double lower limbs, lumbar, sacral region and so on.

  4. High blood pressure. Much wastes can not be expelled out from the body, which can produce some substance causing blood pressure increase.

  5. Cola or tea colored urine and cloudy urine appear. At that time, it’s necessary for patients to receive testing in hospital.

  6. The early symptoms of nephritis also include low back pain with no cause, anemia and so on.


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