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Matters needing attention in diet of children with kidney di

  Matters needing attention in diet of children with kidney disease



  Maybe there are a lot of people who think that kidney disease belongs to adults. But nephropathy is not only in adults, the incidence of children with kidney disease is also gradually increased. Children are generally in the physical growth period, their ability to care is relatively weak, which is needed for parents and health care workers to take care of. Treating children with kidney disease in the treatment is very critical, diet has become the place we have to pay attention to. And how to eat for children with kidney disease?

  1, low protein diet

  It can reduce the burden on the kidneys. But the time for low protein diet should not be too long to prevent the occurrence of anemia. High-quality protein, such as eggs, milk, lean meat, fish can be the appropriate choice . Beans and their products should be stopped.

  2, Limit sodium and water.

  The elimination of edema should restrict sodium and water. According to the condition, the children should be given low salt, no salt or low sodium diet.

  3, Supply appropriate amount of heat.

  Children with serious condition need to rest on bed to reduce the consumption of heat. Reducing activities can reduce the appetite, so the daily supply of children with kidney disease can not contain too much heat.

  4. Supply enough vitamin.

  The little patients should eat more fresh green vegetables and fruits. Fresh vegetables can increase the appetite. Unless it is required to limit potassium when they have less urine volume, the vegetables should be limited.

  5, Supply adequate carbohydrate and proper amount of fat.

  The most heat from diet can be supplied by carbohydrate. And supply enough carbohydrates can prevent heat deficiency. The amount of protein in food can mainly supply the repairing and growing of body .The can add vermicelli, dessert, jelly and so on, which benefits for their body.

  In treatment for nephritic children, parents should guide their children to receive the treatment, and not only pay attention to their diet, but also communicate to make them maintain a good mood and try to let them rest to maintain adequate sleep. Only in this way can their condition be improved.


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