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here symptoms indicate kidney impaired

  here symptoms indicate kidney impaired

  1. Weak



  When the renal function is impaired, a lot of waste can not drain out from the urine, the patients will be dizzy, fatigue and weak. Meanwhile, Nutrients such as protein leakage from the kidney, the patients will be no good performance.

  2. Poor appetite



  Kidney impaired will lead to the stomach problems, so many patients will have a poor appetite.

  3. Nausea and vomiting



  When the diabetic patients has renal failure, blood urea nitrogen increased, the urease in intestinal bacteria will make urea decomposed into ammonia. Ammonia can stimulate the gastrointestinal mucosa, causing nausea and vomiting.

  4. Foam in the urine



  There are a lot of reasons for the foam in the urine, and kidney disease can also cause this phenomenon. If the protein is leaking from the kidney to the urine, the urine will get a lot of foam.

  5. Abnormal urine volume



  Urine volume is an important measure for renal health. Urine is an important way for toxins and water discharging from the body, which is the normal metabolism for human body. According to the daily standard, the healthy adults should have urinations for four to six times, which is the normal performance. Urine volume is more or less indicating health problems.

  6. The urine protein and urine occult blood



  protein or occult blood in the urine is an important indication for kidney disease , which can be found by urine testing.

  7. Anemia



  In addition to renal excretion of waste and other functions, there is also a function of secreting hematopoietic hormones, which is a major signal of kidney damage.

  8. High blood pressure



  High blood pressure can cause high blood pressure and kidney disease, so people with high blood pressure should pay more attention to it. Of course, kidney disease can also lead to high blood pressure.

  9. Gout, hyperuricemia



  These two diseases have a close relationship with the kidneys, not only the performance of the unhealthy kidney, but also can lead to further kidney deterioration.

  10. Urinary tract infection



  Frequent urinary tract infection may cause renal insufficiency.


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