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There are side effects of steroid therapy in renal disease

  There are side effects of steroid therapy in renal disease

  1. Concurrent or aggravated infection

  These side effects are more common in patients with severe and weaker constitution. The patient had poor resistance and hormone inhibits the body defense function, so it is conducive to the occurrence and spread of bacteria such as Mycobacterium tuberculosis ,fungal and viral infections. Therefore, in the long-term use of hormones, must be alert to the infections. Hormone can partially obscure the symptoms of infection, so it is easy to delay the diagnosis.

  2. Causing water electrolyte imbalance

  Hormones can cause diuresis, but in the early treatment ,hormone has no diuretic effect, instead of water, sodium retention, increased edema. Hormone can increase the excretion of calcium and phosphorus, reduce calcium absorption, and it can cause osteoporosis, spontaneous fractures and aseptic femoral head necrosis, which should be noticed.

  3. Complications of digestive system



  It can aggravate peptic ulcer disease, even can cause bleeding and perforation, which should be noticed.

  4. Neurological and psychiatric symptoms

  It can cause agitation, insomnia, individuals can cause mental disease. At that time, the patients can use stability and other sedative drugs.

  5. Inhibition of growth and development

  The symptoms are common in children with long-term use of hormones, because the hormone has a role in the fight against growth hormone, and cause negative protein balance.

  6. Adrenal cortical function

  Such as a heart-shaped moon face, obesity, acne, hirsutism, weakness, hypokalemia, hypertension, diabetes and so on.

  7. Others

  Long term use of hormones can induce cataract, glaucoma, wound healing, thrombosis and embolism, sweat and night sweat and menstrual disorders and so on.


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