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How to develop a good life style for patients with chronic k

  How to develop a good life style for patients with chronic kidney disease?

  In the treatment of chronic kidney disease. Not only do we have to learn to accept "cure", but also learn to their own recuperate. Maintain a good lifestyle and let the disease effectively controlled. Experts tell us that developing a good way of life is not difficult, as long as we keep it in mind that “Eight character principles".

  1. The ant food:



  Diet is essential to maintain human life, But diet should not be excessive. So we advocate the ant food, eat less, but not monotonous; more miscellaneous, but not greedy.

  2. The monkey exercise:

  If you stay in bed after the disease and don’t exercise, you will be more and more tired, and more and more weak, life is equal to the movement, we advocate we should do many activities as monkeys to maintain a healthy vitality.



  In addition, some characteristics of traditional Chinese medicine can provide us with monkey exercise, such as taiji boxing, which can promote blood circulation, and makes bones and muscles strong.

  3. childlike innocence

  Mental health is the premise of the disease rehabilitation. Childlike innocence refers to children's mentality, carefree and vibrant. Too big mood swings affect the renal function and make the disease condition worse; keeping a good mood, and keeping valuable childlike innocence can help the patients relieve physical and mental burden and disease.



  4. The turtle desire



  "The heart wider, the mood better", tortoise with its long life, is regarded as the auspicious symbol. For us, what is worthy to learn is standing aloof from worldly success . This is our chronic disease patients need to keep in mind.


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