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Hyperlipidemia matters needing attention

  Hyperlipidemia matters needing attention

  1 Limit high-fat foods: strictly choose low cholesterol food, such as vegetables, bean products, lean meat, jellyfish, especially eat more fiber vegetables, can reduce the intestinal absorption of cholesterol.But, not one-sided emphasis on high fat intake, because some essential fatty acids in the diet can be beneficial to the body.

  2 Change the way of cooking, cooking oil drain less, as far as possible with steamed, boiled, cool cook.Eat less Fried foods.

  3 Limit sweets: sugar can be conerted to endogenous triglycerides in the liver, the higher concentration of triglycerides in the blood plasma, so should limit the intake of sweets.

  4 Loss weight: the people weight more than normal, should be under the guidance of gradually lose weight, loss weight per month on a 1 ~ 2 kg is advisable.Weight reduction diet principle is low fat, low sugar, enough protein.

  5 Strengthen physical activity: physical activity can not only increase the consumption of thermal energy, but also can enhance the body's metabolism, improve some enzymes in the body, especially the activity of lipoprotein lipase, is conducive to the transport and decomposition of triglycerides, reducing blood lipid.

  6 Give up smoking, drinking less, drinking a moderate amount can make the serum high density lipoprotein LDL levels.Therefore, moderate drinking can decrease the prevalence of coronary heart disease (CHD).Alcohol or drinking for a long time, can stimulate the liver synthetic more endogenous triglycerides, increase the blood concentration of low density lipoprotein hypercholesterolemia.Therefore, middle-aged better not drinking. Smokers’incidence of coronary heart disease and mortality are 2 ~ 6 times of non-smokers, and daily count would inprove with smoking.

  7 Avoid excessive tension: emotional tension, excessive excitement, can cause increased blood cholesterol and triglyceride levels.All have this kind of situation, can use small doses of sedatives (in accordance with the doctor's advice).

  8: Drug treatment by the above method is still can't control should be combined with drug treatment of hyperlipidemia patients.Drugs of choice, please after consulting a professional doctor, choice by the doctor according to the specific etiology.


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